Contemporary Bathroom Design Trend 2011

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When it comes to bathrooms, two things are key to a successful design: privacy and personality. Bathrooms are one of the most private spaces in a home, and for good reason. It's where people start and end their days, express bodily functions, groom themselves, and sometimes reflect on their lives during a steamy shower or hot bath. The personality aspect and design of your bathroom says a lot about you, and your character. If you want a fun, brightly colored design, you are probably very perky and like for your surroundings to encourage your energetic outlook. People who want very subdued colors, clean lines, contemporary or Zen surroundings may have a very busy or stressful life, and want somewhere calm to get prepare for or get away from their hectic day. A traditional bathrooms can seem either very feminine or very masculine (depending on which historic period you use do decorate the space), and may reflect a taste for the finer things, and a respect for formality.
There are so many different bathroom design trends it would be impossible to cover them all, so here are some of the most popular:Bathrooms Design Trend 2011

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