Kids Bedroom Designs

Ideally the location of a child’s bedroom should be close to the master bedroom of the house. This allows for easy surveillance of children. Kids have a unique quality in them – imagination and this should be reflected in the child’s bedroom design. Their curiosity also sits next to their imagination so a good idea is to introduce furniture. This would create a lot of niche spaces for them to explore. Children rooms require furniture such as bunk beds, writing tables, beds with lot of storage spaces above or below can be designed. It’s a good idea to have some pieces of furniture as movable types which can also be used as a toy. A great idea is to have furniture in the shape of cartoon characters.

Many parents go color crazy when selecting a color scheme for their child’s room. Ideally the use of basic colors is best suited for this type of space. Because of the fact that the human brain at tender ages is under development, use of complex shades may non be a suitable idea. A smart floor pattern can also serve a great way to stimulate adventurous energy in a child. The basics of kids’ decor which really include walls, floors and windows can last for several years without having to make major changes. Making a few simple adjustments to the decor as your baby grows keeps the room fresh.

For older children inventing fun Kid’s Bedroom Themes can really be a lot of fun! This way the children themselves can pick their own theme, and feel they have contributed to their own room décor. This allows them to feel more responsible for “their room”. There are many choices of theme items, such as bedding, lamps, children rugs, wall decor, wallpaper, border and murals, drawer knobs, child furniture etc. Once you’ve established a set of guidelines then invite the children to share their thoughts on their dream rooms. Remember to inform then that they cannot get everything they desire but they can have what the budget allows for. Ask kids about: their favourite colours, favourite activities, favourite objects etc. From this you can create a theme that they are sure to approve!

When it comes to design children rooms many parents become fearful of the expenses. However, once themes have been selected the job can be through well and economically. Parents can accumulate cheap materials that reflect the theme of a room. A selection of wallpaper or borders, paintings or murals, stencils, and posters or framed prints can be used as the cosmetic materials.

Undoubtedly one of the sterling(a) challenges in decorating a child’s room is that the room will need to grow as does the child. A clever way to get value for money is to invest in classic furniture. This may mean staying away from characters which come and go with the times.

Small Bathroom Designs

Having a house with a design and a fun layout will make us more happy to live in it. One of them is reflected from a pleasant bathroom design. We can have a luxurious bathroom design ideas, if we have wide place to bulid it. But it we anly have small areas, why don’t try to have a nice simple bathroom concept.

For the bathroom would be more fun if you do not only consist of toilet and shower which provides water demand. One of the bathroom design in large area by adding some unique accessories such as a dry bathroom next to the bathroom wet. In this dry bathroom, we can apply a four-door cupboard for storing the various needs and toiletries.

While at the top we use as a sink with hot water faucet and cold water. Do not forget to give a touch of glass be placed as a unifier of the room. Because of course, women or men who visit as guests do not want to look messy after leaving the bathroom.

The rooms are bright with sufficient lighting is needed. Because it still installing lights with a white glow to the condition of our bathrooms more easily seen. As the touch of decoration, add a floor lamp with a dim glow over can also be used. The touch of nature through the placement of trees and branch motif on the cloth up, and bath accessories green color is the combination interesting.

Inspiration also put some small pots with matching color on the toilet, such as dark brown, white or even black. This would be more interesting because we adopt the bathroom chaki color. Of course this is to make the bathroom look more romantic.

Bathroom Design Ideas

The bathroom is one of the most used rooms in a house, especially when there are plenty of family members who are using it. Having an idea on what type of bathroom you would like to have can also be difficult, especially when couples have different ideas and tastes. To help out homeowners, there are several bathroom design ideas that they can consider to get the right bathroom look for their homes that will please everyone.

Homeowners should first determine whether they have adequate funds to accommodate the bathroom design ideas of their choice. This will help them a lot when deciding on the type of bathroom design ideas they would like to use in their homes. Homeowners who prefer to use their own bathroom design ideas would do well to browse for materials first to get a better idea on the prices as well as compare them with other similar products available online. This will help them in getting the materials required for the bathroom of their dreams.

Decorating with Pink

Pink is the most feminine color. Decorating with pink can be risky, because it usually only appeals to women, and there are even many women who it doesn’t appeal to. It is best to only use a lot of pink in decorating a room for someone who loves pink and who will be the only person to spend a lot of time in that room.

Pink is a warm, romantic and comfortable color. This color can actually calm a person who is angry. Pink even has been known to affect how food tastes, making things taste sweeter. Many people associate pink with flowers or childhood.

Bedrooms can look wonderful with a pink theme. Pink is a popular color for little girl’s bedrooms. Bathrooms can also look great decorated in pink. Pink actually complements most people’s skin tones. Pink can be a lot of fun to decorate with, because it is playful color, especially when using splashes of hot pink. If you want to use pink, but you want to be careful not to go overboard, consider painting an accent wall pink, or accenting a room with a cute piece of pink furniture, such as a chair.

Pink can also be used to decorate your yard. Lots of flowers come in pink and can be planted in your flower beds or in planters and pots to be displayed on your porch.

Decorating with Blue

Blue is one of the easiest colors to decorate with. Blue will appeal to a wide range of people because it is a calm and relaxing color. Blue isn’t too demanding, it is soothing and refreshing. In nature a large portion of what you see is blue, because the whole sky is often blue. Water is also blue of course, and so it is a great color when you want a beach theme. The color blue probably appeals to such a wide range of people because it is seen so much in nature.

You may not want to use blue if you live in a very cold place, because blue can cool a room down. You also may not want to use blue if you are decorating a room without very much natural light, such as a basement room, because blue can feel depressing and gloomy without light to complement it. Blue has been known to suppress appetite, so it is not a great color to use in a kitchen. This could well be because in nature blue is not a food color very often, and some blue berries are dangerous to eat.

Blue and white used together will look very fresh and clean. Dark blue has a masculine feel, and can be used to decorate men’s bedrooms or studies. Blue and yellow complement each other very well are great to use together in a space.

Blue is a very common color to use in bathroom decorating, because it reminds us of water.

Decorating with Purple

Purple is generally a feminine color that isn’t used too frequently. Purple is a comforting and relaxing color. Purple is also known to be a spiritual color. Purple is an artistic color that has been said to spark creative ideas and feelings.

Purple is said to be both a warm and a cool color depending on the colors that are around it. Purple paired with yellow will seem cool, while purple paired with green will seem warm.

I like purple best when it is paired with green. The combination reminds me of grape vines and summer time. The combination of purple and green is commonly seen in Italian themed kitchens decorated with stenciled grape vines and bottles of wine displayed. Purple is a fairly versatile color because it can be paired with several different colors and provide a different feel with each. Purple combined with white can look fresh and romantic. Purple combined with tan and light yellows can look elegant and classy. Purple combined with pastel yellow can look child-like.

Because of its versatility purple can be fun to decorate with. However, purple seems to be a color that not everyone likes. It might not be too popular in a space that men are going to be frequenting for example. But even among women purple is not always very popular. It is best to be careful when you use purple. Make sure that the people who spend the most time in the space you are going to decorate with purple like the color.

Decorating with Brown

Decorating with shades of brown and tan is very safe and has a classy look. It is probably easier to decorate with brown tones than with any other colors. If you don't like to take risks with your decorating, brown would be a good color to start with.

Brown is a warm color that makes people feel safe and comfortable. Brown is neutral and won't clash with other colors, which makes is very easy to use. Brown is of course a very natural color, which humans have been surrounded by in nature for ages. Brown is classic and will always look good, no matter what other trends are happening.
If you want to use brown shades, but you want your theme to have a little more interest, make sure you use varying shades of brown to offer contrast. Chocolate brown looks great with light tan for example. Make sure you don't use too much dark brown unless the room you are decorating is well lit. If there is not very good lighting in a room, try painting the walls a light tan, and use dark brown for your accent pieces.

If you want to use brown shades with other colors there are several combinations that look beautiful. Blue looks very nice with brown, it is a very classic color combination that it is hard to go wrong with. Yellow can look very natural and nice with brown. This combination looks very warm and inviting. Red looks great with brown too for a more exciting look.

Decorating with Black

Black can be a tricky color to decorate with. You want to make sure not to go overboard, or you’ll end up making your home look gothic. But, using a little black can really add emphasis to certain areas of a room, and depth to others.

The color black can look very sophisticated. Black is thought to be a stabilizing and strengthening color. It is said to make people feel more authoritative and powerful.

Black works as an accent color for almost any other color. Black can really be used anywhere, it just needs to be used in moderation. Black is an easy accent color to use. Furniture that is black is an easy way to incorporate this color into your decorating. The color black makes other colors look more striking. It is not a very good wall color, even for just an accent wall.

Black looks good with almost any other color, but the safest combination is probably black and tan. This combination looks classic and it will never go out of style. The nice thing about this color scheme is you can add accent pillows and a few other accent pieces that you can easily switch out with others seasonally, or just on a whim. If you want to go with a bold look, that is very easy to achieve when decorating with black. Black and red can look very striking together, but just be sure to use another neutral color too, so that your theme doesn’t look too dark. I really like black when it is used with a light to medium green. For instance, green walls with black a chair rail and trim would look nice. You wouldn’t want to go with this color scheme in a room without much light though.

Decorating with White

Decorating with white is very easy. It is hard to go wrong when decorating with white. The only risk you take is that your home will look boring. You definitely won't have people looking at your home thinking that you made awful choices.

The color white makes most people think of purity. White is also the color of winter of course, and it can make people think of snow in nature. White is a bright color that makes rooms look larger. It is great to use white in a room that is too dark, white does a good job of making rooms feel brighter.

It can be nice to decorate with white because it can be used with any other color. White makes other colors seem to stand out. Too much white in an already bright room can be overbearing. Too much white can also seem clinical, and lack personality.
White and blue is a common color theme seen in kitchens. This color combination looks very fresh and clean. Several different shades of white can be used together to add depth and interest, this can been a very bright and cozy look. White can be used easily with brighter shades of color if you want to go with a bolder look. Often, people who are renting their homes are stuck with white walls. These people can make their homes look much brighter just with the use of colorful furniture or accent pieces. This can create a modern look.

Decorating with Green

Green is an easy color to decorate with. It is a color that most people don’t mind, which makes sense, because green is a very dominant color in nature. Green is a refreshing color. Most people associate spring and the refreshing optimistic feelings they have when thinking about spring, with the color green. This is a color that can be used almost anywhere in your home. Men and women seem to like green color schemes in the home equally well.

Temporary touches of green can easily be added to the home simply by displaying green grapes or apples. Flowers are another great temporary display of green that will look beautiful in your home.

When used with white green looks very refreshing and spring like. Purple or yellow accents can also be used with green for a fresh spring effect. Olive green and black used together can create a dramatic and elegant look that is beautiful.
Really, green can be used in any room and in almost any quantity. If you use a light colored earthy green you can easily paint all of the walls in a large room without being overwhelmed with the color.

Be careful not to use too much dark green in a space without good lighting or in a room that is too small. Green, like any dark color, can cause a room to look smaller and darker.

Decorate on a Budget – Wallpaper, Paint Floors, Organize, Use Plants

The previous post on this blog covered decorating on a budget using wallpaper, mirrors, or by covering up imperfections strategically.

Wallpaper a wall to jazz it up, or frame pieces of cool wallpaper to hang on the wall. Framing series of the same or similar pieces of wallpaper can look really cool too.

Painting your floors is a cheap way to improve they way they look for a lot cheaper than it would be to replace the flooring. Painting flooring will probably not last as long as replacing the flooring would, but it is a trick you can use to improve the look of your floors inexpensively.

Organizing rooms really well can go a long way towards making the rooms look better. Decorating and organizing can be done at the same time with stylish wicker baskets that pull out of colorful shelves.

There are even modern looking shelves with different sized cubbies where pull out fabric or wicker baskets could be stored and where some vases and other decorative art pieces could be displayed.

Make sure you bring some of your garden plants inside when winter hits. This way you can reuse the plants as interior design elements without having to spend any extra money. Plants really brighten up a home. Fake flowers and plants look nice too, if you don’t have a green thumb but you still like the idea of having greenery displayed.

Check back soon for the next blog post which will be about decorating on a budget by recovering furniture, replacing lampshades, and repainting.

Decorate on a Budget – Reupholster, Repaint, Replace Light Shades

The previous post on this blog talked about decorating on a budget by painting floors, hiding clutter, wallpapering, and using greenery inside. 

Reupholstering furniture is a wonderful and extremely effective way to save money while refreshing your design look and furniture. Reupholstered furniture can last nearly as long as brand new furniture would have and all you have to invest is the money for new fabric and your time. The great thing about reupholstering is that once you get past the initial learning curve you can reupholster your next piece of furniture must more easily.
Dining room chairs are one of the easiest projects you can start with. If the wooden part of the chairs looks dinged up too consider sanding and restaining the wood before you start reupholstering. You could make slipcovers for your couches and easy chairs. If you are ambitious, consider making a few slipcovers for each furniture item, then you can switch them around seasonally or when you just need a change and wash them inbetween using them. 

Replacing dingy light shades can make a big difference in the way a room looks. Buy a funky bright light shade for a different look without a big investment. 

Repainting should almost be its own blog series, because it can have such a huge impact on how a home looks. Repainting is not overly expensive and it can really change your design.

Decorate on a Budget – Buy Used, Budget, Buy Unfinished

The previous post on this blog talked about decorating on a budget by recovering furniture, replacing lampshades, and repainting. 

Make sure you are taking advantage of used furniture stores, thrift stores, dollar stores, and used shopping websites such as craigslist and ebay. These are places where you can find wonderful deals on home decorating items, new furniture or accent items. You might have a hard time finding something very specific, but if you look through these places with an open mind you can usually find some killer deals that you can make work with your décor in a great creative way.

If you are planning a large redesign that you think will cost quite a bit and be something you will have to really plan for, make sure you make a budget for the project. List everything you will need to consider, and take time to consider how much you can spend in each category. This way you can rest assured that you will not end up in debt over your redesign. 

Unfinished wooden products are usually much cheaper than the finished versions.
Buying unfinished furniture is actually pretty great, because you get to choose any color of the rainbow to paint the furniture instead of being limited to what the normal colors generally are. It is more work of course, but in the end you’re getting a customized product for less money.

Decorating for a New Year's Eve Party – Part Two

There are plenty of banners available at party stores that you could hang near the entry way of your home or even outside the front door. You can make a banner too, if you are the artistic type. A metallic banner can match a more sophisticated theme. If you are having a party where there will be lots of kids, consider having them make the banner as well as the noise makers. All they will need to make a fun banner is a large piece of construction paper, stencils, and markers.

Centerpieces on the tables are a nice touch that can really make your decorating stand out. There is no need to buy one already put together, because there are plenty of ways you can put together a cheap centerpiece yourself that will look great. Floating candles shaped like flower blossoms in glass bowls can look great, just add some glass rocks to the bottom of the bowl in a color that matches your theme. You could also just use a simple bouquet of flowers as a centerpiece in colors that match your theme. Or, place several pillar candles on a pretty plate and fill the gaps in the plate with small clear Christmas ornaments with the hooks removed. The idea is that the clear ornaments will look like bubbles. You can vary this idea by using champagne bottles in place of the candles, or you can mix the two up.

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Luxury Home Office Design

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luxury home office design

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Minimalist Office Design
Minimalist Office Design

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my current desk has been
my current desk has been

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Blue Glass House Designs - By Bercy Chen Studio – Anne Residence, Texas

Blue Glass House Designs - By Bercy Chen Studio – Anne Residence, Texas. Home decor designs are very unique and modern, design a house with glass walls, floors of marble and mosquito nets in addition to home.

Dream home design are really cool. A lot of use of glass walls, so you can see the scenery outside freely, when you want to see the baby you're playing the garden, watching the kids without having to disturb your work. How do you think about the design of the greenhouse..??

Unique Interior Design Green Bedroom For Kids

Green Interior Design Bedrooms For Kids. Interior design bedrooms with modern interiors and unique, two-level tidurr room, bedrooms one with wardrobe, large cupboard in the left side and right beside a small closet complete with hangers.

Children will love the bedroom with a fresh design with the color green, giving the child a sense of comfort for sleeping. How do you think about the child's bedroom design is the color green..??

Dream Bathroom Design With Modern and Luxurious Interiors

Dream Bathroom Design With Modern and Luxurious Interiors. Bathroom design dreams are very nice and cool, because it uses a very modern interior, you try to see, all the furniture is very modern, using fresh green grass mats so you can blend with nature, painting the walls and plants in the corner.

Bathroom design for your home design inspiration, for those of you who like the interior design of luxury and unique homes, bathroom design is perfect for you. 

Modern Kitchen Interior Design With Fresh Green Leaves Picture

Modern Kitchen Interior Design With Fresh Green Leaves Picture. Modern kitchen interior design in 2011, kitchen design with images of fresh green leaves on the table, green leaves will make you one with nature, kitchen design with a combination of black, white and green.

Kitchen design is very nice and cool, because it uses simple shapes and elegant kitchen, you try to see, all the furniture is also modern, using an electric stove and a dishwasher are round black.

Interior Design Modern Staircases With Italian Style

Interior stairs modern houses with italian style. This is the design of ladder to the modern home, this ladder-style italian is perfect for you who like the italian house interior design.

Staircase design looks very elegant and unique, especially for the newlywed couple who will occupy the new house, but be careful if you have small children Because there is a fence no handles on the sides of this ladder.

Luxury Home Interior Design In Los Angeles

Luxury Home Interior Designs In Los Angeles by legendary architect john lautner. This is an example of home design with stone walls and put on a modern and luxurious interiors, use wood floors like houses japan.

Home interior design is very elegant, you try to see the interior living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, living room and terrace.

Design is suitable for you who like the classic style, you try to see the interior of his house is very creative and innovative, This home design also uses lots of glass doors.

Luxury Home Interior Design With USA Style

Luxury Home Interior Design With USA Style. This is an example of the design of American-style home interior design, luxury home for future inspiration, home look luxurious rather than the shape and architecture but also from a modern interior.

American interior design of this house consists of bedroom, living room, kitchen, bathroom, family room, clothes storage space and a place to store drinks. Home interior design all combine well, so is the interior color combination as an example the living room and bedroom.

You try to see, bedroom design is very elegant and unique, a bed with white walls and wood floors are smooth orderly, then design the living room is located near the glass doors leading to garden, living room sofa and the carpet is wearing white, using wood and marble walls and ornate white-light bulb unique.