Decorating with Purple

Purple is generally a feminine color that isn’t used too frequently. Purple is a comforting and relaxing color. Purple is also known to be a spiritual color. Purple is an artistic color that has been said to spark creative ideas and feelings.

Purple is said to be both a warm and a cool color depending on the colors that are around it. Purple paired with yellow will seem cool, while purple paired with green will seem warm.

I like purple best when it is paired with green. The combination reminds me of grape vines and summer time. The combination of purple and green is commonly seen in Italian themed kitchens decorated with stenciled grape vines and bottles of wine displayed. Purple is a fairly versatile color because it can be paired with several different colors and provide a different feel with each. Purple combined with white can look fresh and romantic. Purple combined with tan and light yellows can look elegant and classy. Purple combined with pastel yellow can look child-like.

Because of its versatility purple can be fun to decorate with. However, purple seems to be a color that not everyone likes. It might not be too popular in a space that men are going to be frequenting for example. But even among women purple is not always very popular. It is best to be careful when you use purple. Make sure that the people who spend the most time in the space you are going to decorate with purple like the color.